Sneak Peek Sunday Blog Hop – May 19, 2013

Welcome to the next hop in the Sneak Peek Sunday Blog Hop and my blog site. I am Christine Murphy, paranormal romance author and creator of the Sphinx Warriors Series and the Midnight Rider’s Series.

And now, just for you, here is a treat excerpt from my third book in The Sphinx Warriors Series – Sphinx Transformed.  Future release from Red Sage Publishing.  Enjoy!

Sphinx Transformed Excerpt:

Approaching the edge of the bed, he started to pull the covers back when he noticed she was missing.  He froze in place, not moving a muscle, and quickly called upon all of his senses.  He detected no danger, but he definitely felt he was being stalked.  Slowly, he dropped the covers and carefully turned around scanning the room as he maneuvered.  The shadows were deep but he made out her outline against the wall across from him.  He was entranced when he saw her dark blue eyes glowing mysteriously in the dark.  “Alexandria…”  he breathed right before she pounced knocking him flat on his back onto the bed.

Joshua just laid there sandwiched between the firm bed and Alexandria’s soft skinned body not moving one muscle.  He wasn’t sure of her intentions or if she was fully aware of what she was doing.  Who knew what condition her mind was in with the suppressant running through her system.  She was enticingly positioned over him with her hips straddling his and her hands bracing her upper body above his chest.  Sitting there a moment, she just watched him with an expression he couldn’t read, the glow in her eyes slowly fading.

Raising an arm, she swept back her long main of luxurious midnight black hair out of her way and leaned down near his neck, she inhaled deeply and purred.  He was surprised by the sound since supposedly her Sphinx was no longer within her but either the Wraith was putting on quite the show or they were all wrong.  He hoped for the latter because it would mean there was hope for his Lexi.


If you enjoyed the third book int The Sphinx Warriors Series – Sphinx Transformed, check out my first book in the series, available now – Sphinx Resurrected.


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