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christmas wonder Dec 2014Welcome! I’m Christine Murphy and welcome to my Blog Site. You can also find me at  What I’m looking forward to during the Holidays is seeing my sons.  Both of them live in other areas of the U.S. so getting all of us together is a challenge.  I’m so excited that I spent the last week of November decorating my entire house for Christmas.  I can’t help it as I haven’t had the whole family together in a while.  As far as my wish list for books I’ve been working hard on my second book of the Wild Clan Sagas.  I want to give my daughter-in-law a signed draft copy.  Maybe some day I’ll actually be famous and it will be worth something.  That would be my Christmas wish!  🙂

Anyway, in celebration of Christmas and the Christmas Wonder Giveaway Hop I am giving a pre-view of my next upcoming series. Filled with handsome heroes, the evil villains they fight against, and the women they are willing to do anything to protect – their Spirit Hearts. The Riders both crave their Spirit Heart’s body and their blood; and these women are the only ones who can save the Midnight Rider’s enslaved souls.

The Midnight Riders Series

Midnight Riders 1 FlattenedFrom the fertile Seven Rivers Region of Kazakhstan in the high pastures of the
Altai Mountains lived the Sarmatians. Formed from the Amazons and the
Scythians, the nomadic tribes pillaged and destroyed at whim until they earned
the wrath of the Sun Goddess who stopped their destructive ways. Her ultimate
punishment was giving them a choice to be heartless unseen demons left to
forever wander the Earth or lose their mortality, their soul, and love and
protect the innocent to possibly earn her forgiveness. These are the stories of
the Sarmatian protectors who through the ages have become The Midnight Riders. They fight to protect the innocent against the Scythian demons who have found a way to manifest their presence. Come follow the Midnight Riders and their hopes that one day they will find their true Spirit Heart and be set free.


    Road To Redemption

    In The Works

    After the mysterious death of her brother, Destinee escapes her oppressive life in San Antonio and follows her brothers last wish, for her to go to Sturgis, South Dakota. An adventurous motorcycle rally she expects, but her world is turned upside down when she is pursued by an ancient evil intent on stealing her life and spirit and a handsome biker who will risk his very existance to save her. The first time Gabriel touches her, he knows he is doomed. Her blood and spirit calls out to him but her love will always be denied to him as foretold by the Sun Goddess and by the evidence of his Soul Amulet dying. Caught in a violent storm and a Scythian demon hot on their heels, Gabriel and Destinee will only have each other and the forbidden love they share to keep them alive.


    Road To Devotion

    In The Works
    Tristan risks his life alongside the Midnight Riders in the fight against the Scythian Spirit Reapers but in the end his involvement costs him his life, at least until the Sun Goddess brings him back making him one of the immortal Riders. Trying to deal with the loss of Tristan, Jaimie will be kidnapped by Tristan’s insane step-father, David. Tristan will save her and reveal what he is and the battle of the Midnight Riders against Scythian Spirit Reapers. Even in the face of an angered Sun Goddess, Jaimie will make a vow to retrieve the Compass of Devotion to save both Tristan and the Riders from the uncontrolled anger of the Goddess. Risking it all she will confront David, the Scythian Spirit Reapers, the Sun Goddess herself, and her own mortality. She will be victorious and return to Tristan with powers that will aid in the fight against evil and with a love of a Spirit Heart that will conquer even death.


    Road To Temptation

    In The Works

    Malina is from the ancient past and cursed by the Sun Goddess to live as an immortal who can neither be loved or love. She has existed for centuries fighting to protect the chosen and the Spirit Hearts against the Scythian Spirit Reapers in an effort to earn her soul back. Expecting to be forever alone, she unexpectedly encounters a man with abilities of his own and finds herself drawn to him. A man she wants to love, but can’t, because of her curse, so tells him goodbye. Months later Malina is reunited with Alex who is now a Spirit Heart. Alex knows Malina as a Midnight Rider will try and protect him but he is determined to not only protect her but reclaim her and the love they once shared no matter that a Sun Goddess and the evil Scythians are trying to tear them apart. As one united force they will face off against the evil of the night with the Midnight Riders and be victorious once again in the battle to save the Spirit Hearts and the world.


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