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alpha male big to useWelcome to my blog – christinemurphybooks. All I can say is yummy to alpha males.  They’re strong, demanding, and can take and defend exactly what they want.  The image for the hop says it all with being strong.  I like a male who is pure chiseled muscle and has a rock hard stomach.  Just the thought of touching all that muscle gives me shivers of delight.  The word demanding has so many meanings but the demands I am looking for are of love, commitment, and one heck of a wild ride in bed.  My alpha male would defend me with every breath he takes and to the ends of the earth and back.  That is the alpha male that would have my love, body,and soul.  Yummy! This is what I am creating in my new series – The Midnight Riders.  Here is an image of what I think one of the Midnight Riders would look like – Darius, who will defend his Spirit Heart with everything in his heart.   Mace






Now something about my latest book. Newly Released –  From Red Sage Publishing – Sphinx United by Christine Murphy – The second book in The Sphinx Warriors Series.



Summary: Trained from birth to protect the Sphinx Warriors, Eleina sacrifices herself to save the Warriors and her one true love, Jacob, by destroying a Dimensional Gate. Believing Eleina has died in the process, Jacob is left a broken man and he submerges himself in his duties as a Warrior until an accident reveals Eleina is still trapped in the Gate. Once free of her entrapment, she is alive but her body and mind is damaged. Jacob will do everything in his power to help her and the only thing keeping her sane is the irresistible draw and attraction to a Warrior she can’t even remember.


His mind and body was in pure chaos. One minute he was in hell, the next he was in heaven, and the next a combination of the two with purgatory thrown in. The danger had been real. He had felt it when Eleina had screamed in his mind and he had used his Power to fight off the dark entity from her. When he had lost the connection after that he had freaked. Thinking he had possibly harmed her in his intended defense, he had raced through the Complex to get to the Medical Facility to check on her. To his ultimate nightmare, she had been gone. No one had been able to tell him what had happened to her and he had gone off the deep end. He was sure Khenti Michael was going to ream him a new one. He had cursed and yelled at medical staff to a point he couldn’t even remember. Luckily Alexandria hadn’t been there, otherwise he would have really been in deep trouble.

Even with all of his shouting, no one had been able to help him. He had stormed into the hallway and leaned against the hallway wall in an effort to calm himself. It was then he began to sense her again and the trail of her very essence had brought him here to the Garden Dome. Now, she was fully linked to him, their internal connection to each other wide bringing him such heaven in knowing she was alright. Not only was she fine, she had remembered how to draw the Life Power to her and that her source was from the water. Yes, she had always been a water Sphinx. And what a gorgeous Sphinx she was. The woman was not even the least bit shy. She stood in the water before him completely nude, her luscious full breasts uncovered, her pink nipples drawn up tight from the cool water. What he would be willing to do to have his mouth on them.

These thoughts were where the heaven and hell with purgatory came in. He needed to touch her, but how could he? It all came back to four things. She couldn’t remember him, he had sent her to her death, his negative Life Power could hurt her at any moment, and the little fact he would have to share her with the other Warriors as a Power Keeper. He needed someone to just put him out of his misery.

Jacob’s body was cranked up at a speed he didn’t know if he could even control. He should just leave but seeing her now with the Life Power caressing her body and her skin and baby blue eyes taking on a healthy glow again was something he just couldn’t walk away from. Plus she was looking at him with those mesmerizing eyes and slowly moving toward the edge of the water. Each step forward brought her farther out of the water until it lapped at her belly button, down to the curve of her hip, and just at the top of her feminine curls. White blond curls just peaking out of the water.

He threw up his hand growling, “Stop. Now.”

Eleina paused reaching up to brush a curling strand of hair back behind her ear. Her expression was pleading as though she was lost in this world. Desperate with need to be held. She suddenly shivered crossing her arms over her chest looking uncertain. His Eleina was never uncertain. “Jacob, when you said I was yours forever, did you mean it?”

The question was a punch to his gut. Of course he had meant it. Meant it with every breath in his body. He could no longer stand there worshiping her and not be able to touch her. With fierce determination, he marched toward her grabbing his shirt and tearing it off over his head flipping it behind him to the ground. The rest would just have to get wet because he couldn’t wait any longer to touch her.

He cut through the water with ease reaching her in record time. The Power she was gathering cascaded around him touching his body and further connecting him to her before he even touched her. The first touch was more intense than his active imagination could even make it. His hands connected with the sides of her face in a gentleness he didn’t feel in the least, but he didn’t want to frighten her. The rest of his body followed pressing against hers. Waiting any longer for one needed kiss wasn’t an option. His inner Sphinx demanded and his body screamed its pure need. He hovered just inches away from those delectably parted lips waiting in an ultimate moment of anticipation before the final touch.

It was a split second of waiting but seemed forever with the aching need for the connection. Not only his need but hers coming through loud and clear down their link. His lips touched tentatively at first, a gentle brush of love, and no more. It was too much and yet not enough. There was no holding back. He dove in deep crushing his lips to hers, his body to hers. He ran his hand down her bare soft back to the bottom of her spine splaying his hand there and pushing her hips into his….

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