The Source – Meme #3 – They will defy a futuristic society to reclaim love.

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Here is the next meme from The Source for your enjoyment.

With only a few minutes left before he missed his arrival time and got an earful from his Handler, Nathan aggressively wove between the competing drivers and their cars the last three miles.  In record time, he traveled the remaining few blocks until he saw the Courtyard up ahead and all of its majestic, towering buildings.  Of course, the grandest, largest eyesore was the building where his owner had her office staged because in her opinion, she had the best Companion agency with the most sensual men and deserved the extravagance and the exposure.  Whatever.

Performing a tight right turn at the end of the block and then another left between the buildings, Nathan sped his Puma toward the parking deck.  Slowing down at the last second, he pulled up to the Security station at the opening to the deck and rolled down his dark, tinted automatic window.  The tall, black-haired Nul female guard with her dark brown eyes pinned him with a cold stare.  Yeah, he could tell he had pissed her off with his reckless speeding and last minute screeching halt next to her station, but he didn’t care.  The rush of the speed and the possibility of a face-to-face confrontation was just too tempting to pass up.

As the guard approached him, Nathan prepared himself for the tongue lashing he knew he was about to get, but right before she reached him she stopped.  Placing her hand to the earpiece in her ear, the guard tilted her head, listening to a call she had evidently received.  After a moment, she finished her approach and leaned down to the point where he could see down her shirt.  Not that it was enticing in the least.  Nuls were basically flat chested and reminded Nathan more of a feminized male than a woman.  Looking up into her face, he found the Nul guard smirking at him.

“You go on, Companion.  Your Handler is calling to see if you’ve shown up.”  The guard glanced down at his body, her expression repulsive to him, as her eyes roamed every inch of his frame.  Glancing back at his face, she purred, “Too bad I don’t have the money.  I’d love to straddle that tight body of yours.  If you ever feel like handing out a freebie, you know where to find me.”

When she turned her back on him and walked around the front of his Puma, Nathan had the intense compulsion to rev his engine and run over her.  Unfortunately, he knew he could never do it.  The action would probably have him executed the next day, if he were lucky.  More than likely, they would just mind-fuck him again, and he was already screwed up enough as it was.

If you enjoyed the meme, please enjoy another excerpt from The Source. Enjoy!The Source_Version 4 Flat Med

The Source Excerpt:

Right before his lips touched hers, the sound of the evening fifteen minute curfew warning went off.  Crystal jumped and Nathan instantly pulled back.

“Damn it.  I’m sorry, Crystal, I was so caught up in the moment I lost track of time.”

Grasping at his jacket, Crystal cried,  “Nathan we have to get back.  This is all my fault.  If we get caught after curfew, they’ll take you away and maybe punish you.  I should have never talked you into this.”

Tears streamed down her face and she swiped at them in fear for Nathan and for her.   BioGen would probably punish her as well, and the things they could do terrified her.  She choked, her body shaking, and her pulse rate went through the roof.  Nathan seemed to try and calm her brushing the tears away but there just wasn’t any time and she fought to get a grip on her runaway emotions. 

“Listen.  I can get us back in plenty of time but you need to calm down.  Do you trust me?” he asked while he pulled her hood back up over her face and followed up with his own to hide his.

Still gripping his jacket and feeling shaky, she nodded and whispered,  “I do trust you, Nathan.”

With an encouraging look he reassured her,  “Good.  Just hold on tight and I’ll get us back to The Inspire.  You just be ready with that magic necklace of yours to get us back into the building so no one will suspect we were ever gone.  Ready?”

Crystal took a deep breath and nodded.  It was the only acknowledgement Nathan appeared to need and after he grasped her hand in a firmer grip than earlier, he led her back out of the circle of bushes.  Once on the path, he sped up into a fast jog and she had to push herself into a full out run to keep up with him.  He was fast compared to her and she was panting before they even went a few feet but she was determined to get him back to her condo safely.  Together they covered quite a bit of distance even making it to the large crack in the blacktop they had passed earlier.  Nathan eased them both around the gap and Crystal began to breathe easier. 

Just when she was sure they were going to make it in time, Crystal saw two Nul guards approaching with BioGen uniforms on, evidently making their last rounds.  Pulling back against Nathan’s forward progression, she urgently whispered, “Nathan, BioGen guards.”

Immediately, Nathan steered both of them off the blacktop and over to one of the large trees bordering along the path.  As soon as they were under the large spread of branches he spun her around and pushed her back against the trunk.  The bark was rough but Nathan’s body surrounding and pressing against her was rock hard.  He felt good and she felt protected but the Nul’s were getting so close and she could see them watching.  She started to shake with nerves because she was sure they were going to get caught.

Nathan shifted slightly blocking her completely from the guard’s view.  He leaned against his arm which he had positioned above her forming a protective cocoon around her.  He leaned down just enough so he could push her hood back with his free hand and put his lips near her ear.  Crystal could feel his warm breath brush against her and the sensation made her shiver for a different reason.

“Crystal, I need you to relax.  You’re just a Gen with her purchased Companion enjoying an intimate moment together.  The Nuls won’t know any different unless we give them a reason to,” Nathan whispered, his voice vibrating through her body as he pressed his body against hers. 

Perhaps it was to distract her, or to convince the Nul’s they were enjoying an intimate moment, or just because he wanted to, but Nathan was suddenly kissing the sensitive spot just below her ear.  She closed her eyes gasping at the incredible sensation, her body tingling from the point of contact all the way to her core.  She fisted her hands in his jacket trying to keep her legs from buckling from the weakness he was causing.  He didn’t stop there, oh no, he continued in his exploration with those wonderful tingling kisses until he reached her collarbone where he gently nipped and then kissed her again.  She whimpered and her legs would have buckled if not for his strong arm around her waist supporting her.

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