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Gabriel - Leader of the Midnight Riders

Gabriel – Leader of the Midnight Riders

Welcome to the next hop in the Sneak Peek Sunday Blog Hop and my blog site. I am Christine Murphy, paranormal romance author and creator of the Sphinx Warriors Series, The Source (Book 1 of The Wild Clan Sagas), and the Midnight Rider’s Series.

For your enjoyment, here is an excerpt from a book which is currently in editing and soon to be out just for you. Please enjoy Road To Redemption, the first book in The Midnight Riders Series. Enjoy!

The Road To Redemption Excerpt:

Trust him. How could Destinee trust him? How could she trust anything? Especially what she had just witnessed and what she was witnessing now. Her mind was freaking, her heart was pounding, she couldn’t catch her breath, and there was no way in hell she was even capable of sane thoughts at the moment. Distracted and lost, she just stared at him until from the corner of her eye, she saw the thing on the floor try and push upright. The instant it moved she shot out the door with a speed she didn’t think she had. She was sure Gabriel could have stopped her but instead he turned towards the creature swinging his sword in a violent downward swing.

As soon as her foot hit outside the door, Destinee slid across the mud soaked ground and went down in a splash of water. In an instant she pushed back up on her feet winded from the effort and with a half sob, half curse dove into the knee deep water at the bottom of the incline where the shower house stood. Struggling against the water swirling around her legs, the rain beating down on her head, and the wind that was whipping furiously against her she ran. She ran away from the creature intent on killing her and away from Gabriel, whatever he might be. The thought of running away from him hurt, though, and she slowed until she was standing in the middle of a world that had blown up and gone crazy around her.

If she could feel the tears running down her face she knew she would have brushed them away in fury. But she couldn’t. She was too soaked and freezing. Wrapping her arms around her burning throbbing middle she just stood there until she heard the sloshing behind her. Something in her snapped and she refused to go down without a fight.

Spinning around she faced whatever new threat was coming to attack with hands balled in fists at her side. Instead of another grotesque creature, before her was Gabriel, standing only a few feet away from her. His sword was no longer in sight but the golden glow in his eyes and the knowledge of the fangs in his mouth brought her up short. He looked dejected and at the same time worried for her but he didn’t approach her any closer. He just stood there in the pouring rain and the whipping wind as the trees twisted and shifted dangerously around them. Conflicted, Destinee wasn’t sure if she wanted to fight him or throw herself into his arms.

As earlier, he reached out with his hand and pleaded with her, “Please Destinee, we need to go. They’re coming and I need to get you to safety. I swear, I won’t hurt you.”

Destinee so wanted to reach out to him. Everything in her called to wipe out the lonely expression that consumed him and even made the golden glow dim in his eyes. But still she needed to know the truth. Breathlessly she asked, “What are you Gabriel? Are you vam…”

“No!” He vehemently denied, his expression falling into the depths of despair even further. “Don’t say that word. I hate it. What I am is a punishment for a past I am still paying for but I am not something humans have created in their minds. I’m not like the Scythian demons. I have control!”

She wasn’t sure how much control he really had but she believed him and strangely she didn’t fear him. Even with the glow in his eyes that was fading further as he stood there appearing to try and get control of himself. She could tell the inner battle he waged by the clench of his jaw and the balling of his hands into fists. Even his strong shoulders shook with the effort but in only a few seconds the gold was gone and his sky blue eyes were looking back at her with barely concealed despair. He thought she had already judged him and perhaps for a moment she had judged him but thinking on his kindness and the fact he had saved her multiple times now he couldn’t be evil. Could he?

Closer than before Destinee heard the screams of the evil dead things answered by the creature in the shower building. She shivered in revulsion just being able to see the almost beheaded evil dragging itself to the open door. Wrapping her arms around herself Destinee felt the urge to cut and run again but stopped when Gabriel reached out to her.

“We don’t have any more time, Destinee. Please let me get you out of here. I can protect and keep you alive. I swear it.” He stood there waiting for her decision, never forcing her, with a desperation now creeping into his blue eyes.

Destinee just didn’t have it in her to deny him any longer. Deep down she knew he wouldn’t harm her especially since he had risked himself and saved her already. Not once, but three times now. She was an idiot if she didn’t go with him. The trust she had in him came back with a vengeance and meeting his eyes she demanded, “Fine. I believe you but you’ve got to tell me what the hell is going on. Whatever the truth is.”
Gabriel nodded to her and said thickly, “I will, I promise. Just let me get you out of here.”

Feeling a large portion of the fear lift from her shoulders, Destinee stepped forward to grasp his hand. As soon as she stepped forward the pull of the water at her legs, the exhaustion, and the light headedness from what she suspected was loss of blood got to her. Her vision blurred and she started to go down, but just like that Gabriel scooped her up with no effort at all. Spinning on his heal with ease, he cut through the water moving back over to his Harley in only a second. The movement was so quick Destinee’s head spun which didn’t help her light headedness.

When he stopped by his Harley she felt him stiffen for a moment and then draw in a deep breath. “Destinee are you injured?” She didn’t say anything for a moment not wanting him to have to baby her again. “Destinee answer me,” he demanded.


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