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homeholidaysbtn - MFWRHappy Holiday Season, a great December, and welcome to the next hop in the MFRW’s Home For The Holidays Blog Hop hosted by Marketing For Romance Writers and my blog site. I am Christine Murphy, romance author and creator of the Sphinx Warriors Series, The Source – A Wild Clan Saga Novel, and the Midnight Rider’s Series.

Currently I am working on a new release called Christmas Image “The Christmas Angel”.  Christmas time is a time of family, a time of hope, and a time to bring back those things that are truly important in life.

Synopsis:  Jessica’s life has been slowly spiraling downward.  Her life in New York was all glitz and glammor when she arrived as a new graduate ready to tackle the world of business but that excitement fizzled as she was overwhelmed by the coldness of the company she works for.   When she refuses to sign off on a deal that would close a small town toy shop and put the entire community  in jeopardy she is fired and any hopes of finding another job because of the vendictive company in New York is pretty much zero.

Deciding the Christmas Holiday is the perfect opportunity for a vacation Jessica decides to drive home and visit her parents.  As luck would have it the weather takes a turn for the worse and she crashes into an old oak tree in the center of the very town where the toy shop is – Kringle Crossing.

Christopher Kringle has no idea who the woman is who has just crashed into their town center but its obvious she is suffereing from a head injury.  As sole doctor of the town and owner of the toy shop he has no choice but to help her.  With the weather getting worse and nowhere else for her to go Christopher invites her to stay at his cabin.  He is wary of Jessica as he realizes who she is but her kindness and her ability to bring out the joy in his daughter who has not spoken for months since his ex-wife left both of them causes his heart to open up in ways he never imagined.

Jessica is completely taken with Christopher and his precious five year old.  He has been nothing but kind and caring to her and she is drawn to him not only on a physical level with his dark hair and muscular body but also on an emotional level.  Even though she is falling for him, once she finds out he is the owner of the toy shop that she had almost help shut down she loses hope of ever being able to be with him.   What she really needs is a Christmas miracle.

As the winter storm gets worse the entire town is covered in a blanket of white cutting the entire area off from the outside world.  With Christmas just around the corner and no way to shop for presents Christopher and Jessica will work together along with the residents of Kringle Corner to bring Santa Claus to the town for the children.  Their growing love and determination will bring a true Christmas to Kringle Corner and the greatest miracles of all – love and family.

If you enjoyed the Synopsis of The Christmas Angel then enjoy my newest creation just for you, available now. Please enjoy an excerpt from The Source. Enjoy!The Source_Version 4 Flat Med

The Source Excerpt:

He barely took note of the white stairs with the silver banister and the overhead lighting which made the silver shine brilliantly. No, he was completely captivated and transfixed by the angel descending the stairs as if she were coming down from the heavens themselves.
No, not an angel, because she was even more beautiful than the angels. She was so tiny in comparison to all the other women he had ever been with, her height being no more than five foot three at the most. Her waist was tiny but she was filled out in all the right places and he clenched his hands with the desire to touch every inch of her. The jeans and pink t-shirt she wore fit her to perfection accentuating her curves. As she moved with such grace and delicacy her long honey blond hair brushed her shoulders and her golden skin glowed with health under the overhead lights.
Completely captivated, all Nathan could do was watch her as she reached the bottom of the stairs. Silently she approached him, almost like a cat, her eyes downcast so that all he could do was look at the perfect sweeping honey blond lashes covering her eyes and the full pink lips which suddenly had his full attention. All of that changed, though, when she stopped before him, only inches away, and looked at him with the lightest blue eyes he had ever been blessed to see. In that moment he couldn’t move, he couldn’t breathe, and Nathan knew in an instant he was in deep, deep trouble.
“Hi. I’m Crystal,” was all she said but the sound of her melodic voice traveled the entire length of his body.
“Hi, I’m…” the sound of his voice was raspy and he cleared his throat before continuing. “I’m Companion 96.”
Crystal’s eyebrows drew together and she bit at her bottom lip. Nathan couldn’t help the instant draw of his eyes to her sweet mouth. At that moment he absolutely cursed the person who had made up the rule of no touching. What he would give to have just one kiss from her sweet sensual mouth. He wondered what she would taste like and his mouth watered almost in anticipation.
His concentration snapped back as she asked, “What do I call you? I can’t call you by a number. What is your birth name?”
Nathon narrowed his eyes on her. How in the hell had she known he had a birth name? “Perhaps I don’t have a birth name. I am Companion 96, purchased for your entertainment.”
“Really?” She raised up on her tiptoes and leaned so close, he swore he could feel her breath on his cheek. The vanilla scent of her body surrounded him and he clenched his hands even harder as her soft voice vibrated through him again. “You have piercings in your ears, so I assumed you were naturally birthed. BioGen doesn’t allow body modifications for those they create.”
Nathan wanted to answer, really he did, but Crystal’s nearness was over-charging his body and short-circuiting his brain. He had never experienced anything like it before and he had no idea how he was going to keep his hands off of the tiny angel before him for the next few hours, let alone thirty days. He was in deep and over his head with no escape.
Like a moth to a flame, Nathan was drawn to the closeness of Crystal’s lips but as he began to dip his head the slightest amount in her direction, she evidently realized how close she was to him. Making a tiny sound, she stepped back resuming her initial position in front of him. The distance didn’t help much but enough so he could respond with some modicum of intelligence. “You are correct, Crystal. I did have a birth name. My parents called me Nathan but I don’t remember a last name. I’m sorry.”
Quietly she said, “Nathan. It’s a wonderfully masculine name. Thank you for sharing it with me. If you will allow me, I will call you by your birth name. Please?”

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  1. Your upcoming Christmas book sounds wonderful. Home is where my favorite remembrances are. I love to remember my younger years growing up in a family where Grandparents and grandchildren got together to celebrate.

    daringzoey at

  2. Love the sound of The Christmas Angel – I’m a big fan of Holiday romance…lol

    Thanks for the info and intro to the other books too – I especially liked the excerpt from The Source

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