Blog Hop: Sneak Peak Sunday – February 24, 2013

Welcome to the next hop in Sneak Peak Sunday and my blog site.  I am Christine Murphy, paranormal romance author and creator of the Sphinx Warriors Series and the Midnight Rider’s Series.  The first book of the Sphinx Warriors Series, Sphinx Resurrected, is now available at Red Sage Publishing and other participating book sales locations.  Please enjoy the second sneak peak of Sphinx Resurrected:

Michael moved around her, temporarily removing his hands from the back of her neck and her hip.  He circled her, stalking her as if he was hunting her.  Finally, he stopped in front of her but didn’t quite touch her.  Stormy wasn’t sure what to expect from him, but stood breathlessly waiting.   He looked at her with such intensity and hunger she felt like she was falling into his dark blue eyes.  She reached out to initiate the Transference grip but Michael would have none of that.    Evading her initial touch, he reached out capturing her at her lower back and pulled her up hard against him. He entrapped her hands, palm down, against his chest.  His other hand burrowed back up under her hair massaging the nape of her neck. She liked this hold so much better.

Wanting to begin the Transference to him, Stormy wished he would get on with his pledge.  Michael didn’t disappoint focusing in only on her. His pledge was for her and her alone. “Beloved Power Keeper, I Michael, Khenti of the Sphinx Warriors, marked by the Crown of Leaders, and called in the old tongue, Kambythet ask for the gift of Life Power.  May my Beloved’s Transference make me whole and give me strength for the battle to come.”

Surrounded by the Warriors in their circle, Stormy heard them whispering in the background.   She couldn’t make out what they were saying but there was something special in what Michael was trying to tell her.  The voices around her faded away as she became aware of Michael’s physical reaction to her.

Stormy could feel Michael shaking, every inch of him tense.  His control was immense.  She suspected his inner Sphinx was ready to pounce but he was disciplined enough to not let himself completely go.  Why did he do that, hold himself back? It was a wonder he didn’t hurt himself.  His words were spoken with such gentleness though, asking her for what he needed with every inch of his being.  How could she not give him the gift of the Life Power?  And she would without having to worry about holding anything back with him.

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