New Release!! SPHINX RESURRECTED—Book One of The Sphinx Warriors Series

SPHINX RESURRECTED is a paranormal romance with powerful ancient Warriors and the women who bring out their passion and love. The world building is exquisite and will leave the reader craving for more.

“Readers imagination will be captured in the day to day drama Stormy must go through to adapt to the Sphinx way of life, to build her confidence in her Powers, to overcome the dangers that surround her, and to most of all win the heart of Michael, the Sphinx Leader, who is her mentor, protector, and one true love.”

About The Author:  A careerist in clinical laboratory, a wife, and mother, Christine Murphy has tackled the exciting world of the paranormal romance author. An avid romance enthusiast overall, she has long enjoyed delving into new worlds and characters through her imagination and has read hundreds of books through the years. Having had quite the imagination since childhood, she decided to put all that creativity down on paper and share it with the world.

Sphinx Resurrected (Red Sage Publishing)  NEW RELEASE!!                                ISBN:  9781603108256;1603108254 Sphinx Resurrected eBook version




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