A Peek Into Stormy’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Who would have thought my life would have been turned on end in this way?  Not that I am complaining – too much.  Evidently, somewhere in the history of my family I inherited enough of the genetics of a race called the Sphinx and the leader of their Warriors was able to Transform me.  I definitely could have done without the torture of the transformation but the unique abilities that I developed afterwards are too cool and boy, do I look great now.  I can gather what they call Life Power from everything around me and then transfer it to the Warriors.  I guess they have difficulty collecting it on their own so I am their main source now and they call me a Power Keeper.  It’s a lot of responsibility and I hope I can stand up to their expectations.  Anyway, they use it to fight the Wraith.  Freaky looking dangerous creatures that would destroy everything if not for the Warriors.  Yuck!  Yep, my boring “plain Jane” existence is now filled with danger, intrigue, and the most gorgeous man I could have ever imagined.   Tall, tan, muscles everywhere, dark black hair, and the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen.   His very presence heats me up and gives me goosebumps.  Yes, that is Michael,  leader, also known as Khenti, of the Sphinx Warriors and if I have it my way and he stops being so stubborn, he will be mine.

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