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RoRoad To Temptation - 130 x 195ad To Temptation  – Book 3 of The Midnight Riders Series  (KnightFall Publishing)

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Synopsis:  Malina is from the ancient past and cursed by the Sun Goddess to live as an immortal who can neither be loved or love.  She has existed for centuries fighting to protect the chosen and the Spirit Hearts against the Scythian Spirit Reapers in an effort to earn her soul back.  Expecting to be forever alone, she unexpectedly encounters a man with abilities of his own and finds herself drawn to him.  A man she wants to love, but can’t, because of her curse, so tells him goodbye.  Months later Malina is reunited with Alex who is now a Spirit Heart.  Alex knows Malina as a Midnight Rider will try and protect him but he is determined to not only protect her but reclaim her and the love they once shared no matter that a Sun Goddess and the evil Scythians are trying to tear them apart.  As one united force they will face off against the evil of the night with the Midnight Riders and be victorious once again in the battle to save the Spirit Hearts and the world.

Excerpt:    Although her eyes glowed even brighter than before in shimmering gold and her fangs had elongated further, his beautiful woman wouldn’t move one inch.  He could help her but she was afraid and wouldn’t give in although he begged her.  He refused to grab and force her to his throat, or wherever she wanted to feed from, so he couldn’t go that route, but he could tempt her.  Oh yes, he could tempt her with the scent of his blood.  He could only pray she would give in finally to what they had both wanted for so long.  To be together on so many levels.

Moving so he was certain he was between her and the closed bedroom door in case she tried to bolt for it, Alex threw off what was left of the leather jacket he wore.  He followed by peeling off his ripped shirt and let that fall to the floor as well.  Malina’s eyes followed every move he made and he couldn’t help but focus in on her mouth when her tongue swept across her lower lip.  Fighting back a groan of need for her he loosened his belt and pulled it free from his jeans.  Right before he let the belt fall to the floor he pulled a small gold and silver dagger from the sheath attached to it.

Looking Malina right in the eyes he softly said,  “I can’t let you suffer anymore, princess.  It’s going to be you and me or nothing at all.”

Without pause he took the sharp dagger and drew it across his chest right over his heart.  The cut he made wasn’t deep but it was enough to make him bleed.  The sting was nothing as compared to the pain he felt watching Malina suffer.  He barely noticed the sensation of the warm blood running down his chest because he was so focused on the woman he loved.  A woman who was trying everything to stay away from him as she slammed back into the bedside dresser again.

Malina wrapped her arms across her chest and closed her eyes, but Alex knew she was hyperaware of exactly where he was.  Her breathing was labored and he saw her inhale deeply as he was sure she was capturing the scent of his strawberry-laced blood.  Her jaw was clenched but he still heard the delicate whimper that escaped her lips.  Her body began to shake and it took all of his willpower not to run to her and take her in his arms.  He fought the urge, though, for her.  He knew she needed to be the one to finally give in because he was more than fucking willing.

Slowly she opened her eyes and he could see the inner battle she waged.  He saw the fear, the hunger, the desire, and, oh yes, the love.  The love that she had held back for so long which was beginning to tip the scales in his favor.  He knew then that they had a chance and he just had to push her over the edge she was looking over.  The edge that was beckoning to her, but she just didn’t know how to step over the precipice to fall into the love and joy she had been denied for so long.

Making sure she was completely focused on him and the blood running down his chest Alex reached down with a finger.  Touching the warm sticky fluid he captured a single drop on his fingertip and brought it to his lips.  He sucked his finger into his mouth and tasted the saltiness of his blood, nothing unusual, but he knew that Malina would taste so much more.  The idea truly made his blood heat and his body warm.  He could tell the affect was magnified in her because she gasped, her fangs peaking at him.  She subtly shivered while her skin flushed chasing away the paleness that had lingered for so many minutes.  He had her and he knew it.  Just one little push and she would be there with him.

Drawing his finger from his mouth he licked his lips showing her his pleasure of the blood.   Her eyes zeroed in on his action and she moaned again.  While he had her total attention he whispered,  “Don’t fight it, Malina.  We need each other.  I can feel your need and I need you just as much.  Let me love you, let me be yours, and you can be mine.  Please, Malina.”

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