Winner Of Sphinx Tempted at the Fairy Tale Magic Blog Hop

fairy tale hop - Sept 2014**Congratulations to the winner of a free copy of Sphinx Tempted – and the winner is…bookaholicholly.

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Christine Murphy – Author of The Sphinx Warriors Series, the Wild Clan Sagas, and The Midnight Riders Series. More coming soon.


Sphinx Tempted at the Fairy Tale Magic Blog Hop

fairy tale hop - Sept 2014Welcome to my blog – christinemurphybooks. Summer time is the perfect time to relax and read a good book and there are so many to choose from.  If you want something really hot try The Sphinx Warriors Series.  Have you ever wondered about ancient civilizations?  How they came to be, why they disappeared, and the strong breath-taking men who were a part of it? Do they still exist in secret and is their whole purpose to protect the world against the enemy who would destroy it? Then enter into the domain of the Sphinx Warriors, protectors of the Earth, and the women who bring out their passion and love giving them purpose beyond their destined role as Warrior. Welcome to the world of the Sphinx Warrior.

The next book in the series has just been Newly Released – From Red Sage Publishing – Sphinx Tempted by Christine Murphy – The sixth book in The Sphinx Warriors Series.




After escaping The Foundry, Ashlyn is found and taken to Complex 46 where she becomes a powerful protector of the Elders.  After she is injured, the Sphinx Warrior, Caleb, touches her and everything changes for both of them as their powers come to life as well as their undeniable need for each other.  As Power Mates they will learn to overcome the obstacles trying to keep them apart and Join as one.  As Warriors, they will face certain death, but they’re love will give them the strength in the battle against the Wraith.


The bath was filled with the clearest aqua blue water he had ever seen.  The urge to dive in and wash the Wraith blood from his body was almost overwhelming but the presence of Ashlyn before him stilled him in place.  She was Egyptian artistry herself as she stood at the end of the pool with her back to him.  She had removed her boots, weapons belt, and her fatigue pants so he could admire her long sleek legs.  Her fiery auburn hair was loose hanging down her back until it almost touched her waist.  His hands shook with the desire to touch her and run his fingers through her hair. 

From her stance Caleb could see she was still upset.  Hands on her hips, Ashlyn’s very aura kept the two Egyptian females who were dressed in white robes away from her.  Caleb could tell they were just trying to help her bathe but she wasn’t having any of it.  He felt her energy surge for just a moment and with a hiss she demanded, “Both of you out and make sure you keep anyone else out of here until I’m finished!”

Obviously not needing any more encouragement the two women skittered away and out the door on the opposite end of the huge bath.  Yeah, his Ashlyn was definitely still upset but it eased him to see she was acting more like her old self.  Standing where he was Caleb couldn’t see her face but the rolling of her shoulders in an attempt to wind down told him she still needed space.  When she raised her arms and lifted her long locks off the back of her neck her t-shirt lifted even more exposing her bare bottom.

Caleb swallowed thickly .  He wanted nothing more than to press Ashlyn’s sensual body up against his.  Fighting the urge was almost impossible but for her he demanded his body to behave.  She needed time and he already knew she had issues with males.  Whatever had happened to her in the past had caused long lasting effects on her personality and behavior.  The Foundary surfaced in his mind and he was almost certain she had been abused by their hands.

Not wanting to, but knowing he had to leave her alone until she was ready to approach him, Caleb started to back away towards the door.  He froze in place when she turned her head ever so slightly to the side and whispered, “Don’t go, Caleb.  Stay.”


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