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booksetbutton_June 2014Welcome to my blog – christinemurphybooks and the Box Set Giveaway Hop.

image002Have you ever wondered about ancient civilizations? How they came to be, why
they disappeared, and the strong breath-taking men who were a part of it? Do
they still exist in secret and is their whole purpose to protect the world
against the enemy who would destroy it? Then enter into the domain of the Sphinx
Warriors, protectors of the Earth, and the women who bring out their passion and
love giving them purpose beyond their destined role as Warrior.

Welcome to the world of the Sphinx Warrior in the novels of The Sphinx Warriors Series.

Please enjoy the following sneak peaks of the first four books in the Series.   Created just for you!!

Sphinx Resurrected CoverSPHINX RESURRECTED – Available Now

Stormy is abducted and Transformed by the magnificent blue eyed Sphinx leader, Michael. Secretly he
Joins with her to save her and must deal with the desire and needs which
manifest. Michael and Stormy’s undeniable attraction to each other will make
them powerful as they join as one force to battle the evil Wraith.


Book Trailer:

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SphinxUnited_Final_lacey SPHINX UNITED – Available Now

In a last act of love, Eleina sacrifices herself to save the Sphinx
Warriors. Jacob, her one true love, rescues her years later. Only he can bring
her back to her former self. Eleina and Jacob must learn to face their fears
and memories of the past or be torn apart in the pesent forever. Defying both
everyone and themselves to become Power Mates will make them undefeatable. They
will save the future of the Sphinx Warriors and the world.

Book Trailer:

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SphinxTransformed_Final_lacey SPHINX TRANSFORMED – Available Now

Taken by force by the Wraith, Alexandria is genetically changed during
captivity. Upon her violent return to Sphinx society, she must learn to control
her dark side. Joshua, the Warrior who has watched over her since she was young
now wars with his feelings for her and his out of control Powers. Only their
combined love and passion will allow them to heal and become Power Mates. To
save their world, they must Transform their Powers to hunt down the Ancient
Pages of Seven, key to destroying the Dimensional Gates.

Book Trailer:

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SphinxImagined_Final_lacey SPHINX IMAGINED – Available Now

After being traumatically separated from her twin, Skye lives a solitary life because of her inability to control her unique telepathy and foretelling of the future. After being attacked by a demonic creature and saved by a man who has spoken to her in her dreams, Skye must nurse him back to health after he sustains injuries in her defense. Once Ethan’s strength returns under Skyes’ kindness and care, he can do no other than bring her back to Complex 46 both for her safety, but even more so because he can’t live without her.

Book Trailer:

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I hope you enjoyed the sneak peaks into the current and upcoming novels of The Sphinx Warriors Series – there will be more!! For more information visit:

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Now something about my latest book. Newly Released – From Red Sage Publishing – Sphinx Imagined by Christine Murphy – The fourth book in The Sphinx Warriors Series.



Skye has led a life completely separated from others because of her telepathic skills. One bright light in her life are the images of a dream man who invades her waking thoughts and dreams. Little does she know she is about to run head long into him. Ethan must bring Skye back to the Complex where he is torn between his family’s need of her special talents, his desire to keep her safe, and his own craving to make her his Power Mate.


Ethan had to get Skye out of there but had no energy to even roll over. He feared he was done but he had to warn her. He couldn’t see her but reached out anyway and hoarsely whispered, “Skye, listen to me. You know me. It’s Ethan.” He gasped and fell into a fit of violent coughing as the Wraith poison worked its damage on him. Taking another breath he tried again. “It’s Ethan. Please listen to me. You have to escape. Go. Hide. You should be safe in your home. My friends will come to help me. I let them know where you are, don’t be afraid of them. Skye?”

Just when he was losing hope she was even anywhere near him, he saw her tentative approach. Panic, terror, pure fear was still written on her face. Tears ran down her cheeks from the most beautiful hazel eyes he had ever seen. The one light above her shown through her shoulder length curly ginger brown hair giving it a reddish golden glow almost like a halo.

“Sunshine,” he whispered. “Don’t be afraid of me. I would never harm you.” Ethan closed his eyes for a moment feeling the edge of the end reaching out for him. His Life Power was gone and his heart was giving out. It just figured he would finally meet the one woman who could have made the hell of his existence heaven and now he had to die.

“Please don’t die, Ethan.” Came the gentle request. He forced his eyes open to see Skye was now sitting on the ground next to him. The fear in her sweet face was gone but concern and the budding knowledge of who he was began to show in her features. “Hold on. We can get you to a hospital.”

Ethan reached toward her but she wrapped her arms around herself. Maybe she still did fear him. He didn’t know and was too weak to really care. He dropped his arm to the ground and looked away from her to his Sefu Element lying several feet away from him on the ground. Soon the Element would die without him and he knew he wasn’t too far behind it. Sadly he turned back toward her and tried to smile to reassure her. He figured the smile came out more as a grimace when she started to reach out to him this time.

“No. I can’t be taken to a hospital. It’s too dangerous Skye.” He croaked as the weakness and darkness began to overwhelm him completely. “Get to… get to safety. Save yourself. Leave me here. Please.”

Ethan couldn’t get anything more out. It was too hard to even breathe anymore. He didn’t want to leave her. Had just found her, damn it, but the voices of the Ancients were calling to him. As his consciousness slipped away he felt her small warm hand grasp his unharmed hand and the multi-leveled, multi-harmonic command of her soft voice as she demanded, “Stay with me, Ethan. I need you.”


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