Blog Hop – Sneak Peak Sunday – March 3 2013

Welcome to the next hop in Sneak Peak Sunday and my blog site.  I am Christine Murphy, paranormal romance author and creator of the Sphinx Warriors Series and the Midnight Rider’s Series.  The second book of the Sphinx Warriors Series, Sphinx United, is coming soon at Red Sage Publishing and other participating book sales locations.  Please enjoy the a short sneak peak of Sphinx United:

He waited holding his breath and looked at her beautiful features.  She was still pale, but already he could see improvement.  Her waist length white blond hair was loose and draped around her shoulders sparkling with shine once again.  Light baby blue eyes looked up at him in wonder like she had discovered something incredible.  He had always gotten lost in the depths of her gorgeous sparkling eyes just as he was being drawn in now.  And then his wait was over.  Her fingertips made contact and he was in pure heaven.  Everything for him clicked into place, his entire body singing its joy and need for her.  His inner Sphinx purred in pure contentment.  He just had to hold himself back just a little longer while she explored.

Eleina leaned in closer to him.  She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.  Jacob didn’t move an inch.  Just the look of pleasure on her face was enough to drive him beyond temptation.  She opened her eyes and seemed mesmerized.  She was so close he could feel her gentle breaths across his lips.  A weak thought whispered across their link.  Kiss him?

Well, what an interesting idea Jacob mused.  Her look grew hotter and he felt like he was being caressed by her glance alone.  He was on fire and the trail her fingers blazed made the heat sink further under his skin.  Her fingertips seemed to have a mind of their own as she trailed them down his cheek and then over to his full lips.  Her touch was so soft and delicate across his lips.  He wanted to reach out with his tongue and lick them but he refrained.  Who knew what she would do in her heightened state of awareness.

Thanks for visiting my site and reading the sneak peak of Sphinx United.  If you desire more  stay tuned and will be coming soon.  While you’re waiting  Sphinx Resurrected is available at:  Red Sage PublishingAmazonBarnes&Noble

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