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Welcome to the next hop in Sneak Peak Sunday and my blog site.  I am Christine Murphy, paranormal romance author and creator of the Sphinx Warriors Series and the Midnight Rider’s Series.  The first book of the Sphinx Warriors Series, Sphinx Resurrected, is now available at Red Sage Publishing and other participating book sales locations.  Please enjoy the following sneak peak of Sphinx Resurrected:

Michael was spell-bound watching her.  At first, he thought perhaps she wanted to just have the feel of the fresh grass under her feet while searching out the Life Force.  But to his surprise, she was quite the quick study.  As soon as she had made contact with the bare earth and searched the Life Power out, it had been drawn to her like it had been waiting for her forever.  It embraced her much like the way he wanted to.  To surround her in his energy and enjoy every square inch of her while she responded to him in a way the pure rapture on her face indicated she was responding now.  He watched and almost felt he was guilty of spying on something intimate.  She was a natural, harnessing the Life Power and quickly her body showed it.  Her skin was sparkling and glowing from head to toe and he could see where her eyelashes were brushing her cheeks there was a slight glow coming from her eyes.  He realized he had to intervene or she would quickly absorb too much.  Being her first experience, his little Power Keeper could quickly get into trouble with what to do with it and possibly injure herself or someone near her.  Had he known her intentions, he would have cautioned her on how far to go with this first experience.

He stepped up as close as possible to her as he could.  Reaching out, he moved to place his hands on specific spots used for contact during the Transference of Life Power. He had to place them correctly to make sure there was no back lash from the Life Power rampantly running through her.  He grasped both of her arms with his hands positioned under her forearms and slid them as close as possible to her elbows.  Luckily, with the movement, Stormy naturally grasped his forearms with her hands.  He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Stormy, I hate to interrupt your enjoyment, but this is the first time for you as a Power Keeper, and any more we will both be in trouble.”  On so many levels – he groaned in his mind.

Stormy appeared to come back to herself from the raw pleasure of the Life Power. She evidently had been way too enjoying herself.  She was gripping his arms so tightly, he was surprised he had any circulation to his hands.  He was so close to her, he could hear the panting of her breath near his ear. To his dismay, the huge amount of energy spiraling throughout her body was enormous and he really didn’t know what the next steps were to ease her discomfort.  Michael felt the tremors running through Stormy’s body and her heart rate and breathing increase even more.  He knew she was beginning to panic and he had to calm her before the situation went south.

“It’s alright, I have you.”  At least he hoped he did.  He had to calm her down and bring her confidence back which she so courageously showed a moment before.  “Open your eyes and concentrate on me, Stormy.”  She opened her eyes looking directly at him.  As always when he looked at her, he could feel himself drowning in those brilliant sea green eyes that were now glowing so softly.  “Concentrate on me.  I’m going to link with you and the flow of the Life Power.  You’ll feel me and I’ll guide you to release the energy back into your surroundings.  Slowly so you don’t disturb the rhythm but quickly enough so it’s directed into the right location.”

“Can’t I transfer it to you?”  She inquired innocently.

Michael’s entire body wanted that on so many levels but now was not the time.  “Not yet.  This experience is new to you and we need to take this one step at a time.  Ready?”  She paused, but then with a deep breath gave the affirmative nod.  He smiled reassuringly at her even though he was unsure of the outcome of controlling this much Life Power.  He took a deep breath, paused…paused, and then his inner Sphinx side dove in to the bright energy.

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