The Midnight Riders

The Next Hot Series From Romance Author Christine Murphy – THE MIDNIGHT RIDERS

From the fertile Seven Rivers Region of Kazakhstan in the high pastures of the Altai Mountains lived the Sarmatians. Formed from the Amazons and the Scythians, the nomadic tribes pillaged and destroyed at whim until they earned the wrath of the Sun Goddess who stopped their destructive ways. Her ultimate punishment was giving them a choice to be heartless unseen demons left to forever wonder the Earth or lose their mortality, their soul, and love and protect the innocent to possibly earn her forgiveness. These are the stories of the Sarmatian protectors who through the ages have become The Midnight Riders. They fight to protect the innocent against the Scythian demons who have found a way to manifest their presence. Come follow the Midnight Riders and their hopes that one day they will find their true Spirit Heart and be set free.

A Peek Into Michael’s Log Book

Michael’s Log Book:

The mission was successful in the retrieval and Transformation of our Power Keeper (Stormy) but the risk factors to my Warriors and the risk to her life were unacceptable.  I had scheduled a meeting with the Elders for their explanation since I am still highly frustrated with our Guardian and his non-disclosure of details that were critical so didn’t want to speak to him even if it would have been easier.  However, the meeting had to be postponed because of the decline in Stormy’s medical condition.  There was only one thing I could do to save her and I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say she is alive.  I fear the consequences of my actions to save her will be unforgivable to her and have long lasting effects on me, but I can live with the physical manifestations.  Stormy, however, may not be so reasonable or forgiving.  More updates to follow.

Sphinx Resurrected – Release February 1, 2013

Red Sage Publishing is excited to release SPHINX RESURRECTED by Christine Murphy February 1, 2013.  SPHINX RESURRECTED is a paranormal romance with powerful ancient Warriors and the women who bring out their passion and love.  The world building is exquisite and will leave the reader craving for more.

The First Novel in The Sphinx Warriors Series by Christine Murphy.

“Sphinx Resurrected by Christine Murphy gives a new romantic twist to the realm of the paranormal.  The world building is extraordinary and pulls you in to the powerful domain of the Sphinx Warriors and won’t let you go.”

ISBN: 9781603108256; 1603108254

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A Peek Into Stormy’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Who would have thought my life would have been turned on end in this way?  Not that I am complaining – too much.  Evidently, somewhere in the history of my family I inherited enough of the genetics of a race called the Sphinx and the leader of their Warriors was able to Transform me.  I definitely could have done without the torture of the transformation but the unique abilities that I developed afterwards are too cool and boy, do I look great now.  I can gather what they call Life Power from everything around me and then transfer it to the Warriors.  I guess they have difficulty collecting it on their own so I am their main source now and they call me a Power Keeper.  It’s a lot of responsibility and I hope I can stand up to their expectations.  Anyway, they use it to fight the Wraith.  Freaky looking dangerous creatures that would destroy everything if not for the Warriors.  Yuck!  Yep, my boring “plain Jane” existence is now filled with danger, intrigue, and the most gorgeous man I could have ever imagined.   Tall, tan, muscles everywhere, dark black hair, and the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen.   His very presence heats me up and gives me goosebumps.  Yes, that is Michael,  leader, also known as Khenti, of the Sphinx Warriors and if I have it my way and he stops being so stubborn, he will be mine.